Blogger Auto Video Template

Previously “Btube Video Template” have published. Now, “Auto Video Template” will be published.
1 – Automatic thumbnail creation for Youtube videos.
2 – A picture similar to the articles.
3 – Custom fields gadget.
4 – Simplified design.
5 – Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo, LiveLeak, YouTube, to automatically embed videos



Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo, LiveLeak, a link to the end of the “endofvid” will be added. This thumbnail for video services is not automatic. Manual should insert a picture.

Use of Youtube:
When you add the iframe code automatically creates a thumbnail. Also do not need to add pictures.

Note that the https part , change the http . At the end of the code ?rel=0&controls=0 and delete such extensions. If you do not make changes to the code , the preview does not occur automatically .

this is description



10 thoughts on “Blogger Auto Video Template

  1. This is an amazing template. But i can't see any thumbnail of the youtube videos although i put the iframe code. Can you help me, pretty please?

  2. hey. i am using your btube template its good.but Automatic thumbnail creation for Youtube videos is no be provided. plz add this feature from your Auto Video Blogger Template to B Tube Video Template english V3.please man just bdo it for me

  3. hey. now i am using your Auto video Blogger template. but problem is there in my blogger just see>>>
    Problem No 1.Posts Not coming Linewise.
    Problem No 2.when i open the post .below the comment option there is very large sapce.why??

  4. selam çok güzel bir tema olmuş ellerine sağlık, yanlız ana sayfadaki resimler kayıt sayfasında gözüküyor. bu sorunu nasıl çözebiliriz.

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