Blogger Auto Video Template

Previously "Btube Video Template" have published. Now, "Auto Video Template" will be published.
1 - Automatic thumbnail creation for Youtube videos.
2 - A picture similar to the articles.
3 - Custom fields gadget.
4 - Simplified design.
5 - Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo, LiveLeak, YouTube, to automatically embed videos



Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo, LiveLeak, a link to the end of the "endofvid" will be added. This thumbnail for video services is not automatic. Manual should insert a picture.

Use of Youtube:
When you add the iframe code automatically creates a thumbnail. Also do not need to add pictures.

Note that the https part , change the http . At the end of the code ?rel=0&controls=0 and delete such extensions. If you do not make changes to the code , the preview does not occur automatically .

this is description

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10 Responses to "Blogger Auto Video Template"

  1. Blog Yorumu:

    This is an amazing template. But i can't see any thumbnail of the youtube videos although i put the iframe code. Can you help me, pretty please?

  2. Blog Yorumu:

    Now it works. I've deleted the ?rel=0 code part of the video.

  3. GIRISH DAHRI Yorumu:

    hey. i am using your btube template its good.but Automatic thumbnail creation for Youtube videos is no be provided. plz add this feature from your Auto Video Blogger Template to B Tube Video Template english V3.please man just bdo it for me

  4. GIRISH DAHRI Yorumu:

    you made it for me or not?

  5. GIRISH DAHRI Yorumu:

    hey. now i am using your Auto video Blogger template. but problem is there in my blogger just see>>>
    Problem No 1.Posts Not coming Linewise.
    Problem No 2.when i open the post .below the comment option there is very large sapce.why??

  6. kudinkawa Yorumu:

    how to upload video from youtube??

  7. Udin Yorumu:

    how can i change categories below header

  8. Shalu Sharma Yorumu:

    Very good template for videos. I was looking for one and I think this is great.

  9. bekir Yorumu:

    selam çok güzel bir tema olmuş ellerine sağlık, yanlız ana sayfadaki resimler kayıt sayfasında gözüküyor. bu sorunu nasıl çözebiliriz.

  10. lam Yorumu:

    Alot of error when use this theme, i would like you share me a full version of this theme. Thank.

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