B TUBE BLOGGER TEMPLATE – Blogger video template

(Advanced features “Auto Video Blogger Template” Version.)

Use of Youtube:

When you add the iframe code automatically creates a thumbnail. Also do not need to add pictures.


Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo, LiveLeak, a link to the end of the “endofvid” will be added. This thumbnail for video services is not automatic. Manual should insert a picture.



this is description

Information about the use of templates:

1 – when adding text to the following sequence must be followed. Image code, video codes and text.
2 – The last video is the file extension code. You want to show “True” do not want to show “false” value can be assigned.
3 – Template is designed for video blogs.
4 – To change the logo should replace the link below.
5 – Demo site – http://btube-video.webbilgi.org/
6 – Pagenavi widget style pagination
7 – “Recent Video Code” in the file http://btube-template.blogspot.com link, replace with your own blog address.
8 – Rating section of the paper work under way to follow for the following: Manage Blogs> Design> Blog posts> edit> Show Star Ratings across the box and click Save
9 – Automatic thumbnail creation for YOUTUBE videos.
10 – A picture similar to the articles.
11 – Custom fields gadget.
12 – Simplified design.
13 – Dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo, LiveLeak, YouTube, to automatically embed videos

14 – “Recent Video Code” in the file http://btube-template.blogspot.com link, replace with your own blog address.

15 – Rating section of the paper work under way to follow for the following: Manage Blogs> Design> Blog posts> edit> Show Star Ratings across the box and click Save




61 thoughts on “B TUBE BLOGGER TEMPLATE – Blogger video template

  1. Ola amigo de Videos-cristiano, trendrias la amabilidad de ayudarme tengo un pequeño problema cuando eh querido poner esta plantilla como hago para que en la portada me salga la imagen del video?
    Muchas gracias, espero su respuesta, siga asi y Saludos.

  2. hey,
    This template is awesome but please can you give more details on how to fix Recent Videos ( what exactly should I change there)
    Also how does the Rating system appear and the small videos after the end of each posts?… is it smth whit RSS Feed?

    Thank you..I hope you have time to explain

  3. pagenavi plugin to increase or decrease the number of 16 to follow that path. code existed before (var pageCount=16;) code you find. The number 16 in the desired change.

  4. Thanks for this great template.
    You can check my optimized version of this blogger template at http://mma-ph.blogspot.com/

    New Functionality in my website
    1. advertisement before playing
    2. Facebook like button widget
    3. Tips on how to get thumbnail image in youtube and rutube embedded videos

    All Credits to the original owner of b tube blogger! I can share my updated template if you like. :)

  5. Sir i Clarify My Question,

    When we add a picture code in a post it shows that picture only in the Thumbnail of that post, but i want to show that picture also in the post page above the video.

    Like in your B-Tube Advantage Template.

    Please Help Me.

  6. “Nauman Khalid”, as I understand it, the homepage thumnail, would show the individual page. To do this, delete the following code in the css style.

    #entry1 img {

  7. hi how to add videos? i could not done. is there any codes to paste in the posts? i tried pasting image link and video url from youtube but it appears only the link to youtube. please write in details how to post videos?

  8. “foxgeek” How to add a video explained above. “When adding text to the Following Must Be Followed sequence. Image code, the video embed codes and text.

  9. “20blogg” thumnail need to do a lot of changes to increase the size of the homepage. If you are not knowledgeable about Web design, the design will lead to distortions. enlarge theme just is not enough to ensure compliance. need to enlarge the theme tables. need to make changes to the code of javascript and css. tell you how long it takes here.

  10. “20blogg” located in the css codes. “category. contententry img” under the code, you need to replace the width and height values.

  11. To change the thumbnail size, css codes for another, the following javascript code needs to make changes.

  12. I use this template… in my blog, there can be just 2 videos on a row, where i must enter to change it ( to be like in demo) . I must change the HTML(in what category of the HTML i must search)?… Please, I need a fast answer.

  13. I use this template? but in my blog, there are just 2 videos on a row? in demo, there are 4 videos on a row? In what category at HTML i must search to change it? ?

  14. In my blog, there are 2 videos on a row… in demo, there are 4 videos on a row…how can I change this number?

  15. it is showing only 7 videos on top but you have shown 20 videos on top how it is possible to change and get more videos on it

    getelements script how to edit it and get more videos on main page

  16. “bluray” Please enter the blogger control panel. follow the instructions. Settings> Formatting> show 7 posts on the main page. Save the change and the change here is the number 7.

  17. 1. How can I reduce the gap between related post and rating.

    2. I Have install Number pages navigation, It is working properly on the home page as I have set 24 post, but when I click on page no 2 or other then it show only 16 post, the reason of this is that I have set 24 post on data element and 16 post is in the script when i change the number then the script does no work. how correct it.

    thanks in advance

  18. Mr “20blogg”

    Find the following code and change the way you want the number 16.

    There pageCount = 16;

    Change this number has changed from the control panel by following the below steps.

    Settings> Formatting> Show at most

  19. Now there is an other issue, when I click on any label let say x and if there are 100 post related to label x, this script should also work for that, but when I click on x, on the first page for label x this page navigation does not work, but when I click on older post then on the second page this script appears, how to fix that,

    and also, how can I reduce the gap between related post and rating.

  20. javascript navigation page, I'm not the coder. The script will need to develop.

    The answer to the second question. codes in the template g: height = '44 'and 44 the number of this change.

  21. Salam from Pakistan.

    great template dear :) but i am confused about how to manage the lower left corner image links? how to edit this. i have only my blog name on this.

  22. Pakistani brother. Add the image links in html. auto pictures boyutlandıracaktır template. Footer section, select the gadget html, insert into the HTML image links.

  23. There?s this title below the Pic. and you can only click the Title. how about clicking the image too? i really dont know what code to add.

  24. hay man!!!! i read the whole thing here, but i still don't get anything about it!! i'm new on this things,please help me how to post videos from Youtube or anywhere… if possible please have video tutorial.. plz plz plz

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